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Goforth Group, LLC

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Acquisitions & Consulting

Goforth Group, LLC, brings over 50 years of real estate experience and expertise to every project. We provide a “both win” approach to help all parties maximize their time, money and opportunities.

The members of Goforth Group, LLC, do their homework to best understand the market and the property. We know how to work the deal – from planning and budgeting to leasing, acquisition, sales negotiations, construction and project management.

You can put our experience to work with:

  • Development and execution of real estate strategies for offices, retail space, warehouses and industrial properties.

  • Our negotiating skills provide a unique understanding of what both parties bring to the table, setting the stage for “both win” relationships that can last for years.

  • A long-term perspective for lasting commitments and investments… not just short-term gain or quick dollar “transactions.”

  • Construction and project management. We focus on the time, quality and expenses, so you can spend more of your energy on your business.

Project Types

Projects where Goforth Group, LLC, can add value include:

Office ProjectsOffice 

Goforth Group, LLC, personnel have extensive experience in development, redevelopment, leasing and management of office space and office buildings, as well as retail in office buildings.

Retail Projects


Support for small strip center development and leasing to ownership, development and leasing of large, grocery-anchored centers.

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Condominiums and Condo RV Parks

Condominium RV Parks

Whether a more common Condo townhome project or the uncommon Condo RV Resort with luxury campground condominiums for Park Model Cottages or Motorcoaches, the typical condominium will have amenities such as clubhouses, pools, gated communities, and more. Goforth Group, LLC, can help create eco-friendly projects with natural areas where people enjoy ownership of their condo property within the park and have pride in their second homes. Condo RV Resorts work especially well with park model cottages or seasonal homes, which are rapidly growing in popularity. Condominium RV parks provide an upscale alternative to traditional campgrounds because owners are stakeholders in a park and care about its long-term condition.

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Apartments and Affordable Housing

Apartments are all about people and a nice, clean and safe livingApartments and Affordable Housing experience. Apartment complex configurations include townhouse, ranch style, and multi-level. Goforth Group, LLC, projects may include tax credit financing on zoned/rezoned property or within a PUD (Planned Unit Development). Special needs housing components can be integrated into a project to meet the needs of local non-profit service agencies. Our goal is to provide a rewarding living experience for all residents.

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Hotels and Condominiums

Goforth Group, LLC, knows that quality amenities are what set hotels, homeowners associations, townhouse condominiums and condominiums apart from the competition. Hotels can provide such upscale features as luxury dining facilities, spas, retail shops, meeting facilities, indoor water parks or other special uses that complement the overall development. Condominiums and condominium hotels can also be constructed on suitable brownfield sites as part of a brownfield redevelopment initiative.

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Industrial ProjectsIndustrial

Goforth Group, LLC, has demonstrated its attention to "eco-friendly" development with its work on brownfield redevelopment. 150,000-square foot (and larger) projects are taken from purchase of the property to an analysis of its value and a step-by-step procedure for the actual cleanup process.

Current and Past Projects

The Goforth Group, LLC, has been involved in a wide variety of projects, from business and industrial park redevelopment, to golf courses and campgrounds.

  • Twelve Bridges RV Condo Resort (current)

  • Lovejoy Self Storage facility in South Haven, MI

  • South Haven Redevelopment, redevelopment of a former industrial site

  • Park Meadows of South Haven, MI, an affordable housing community completed in conjunction with MSHDA

  • Adult Foster Care Home of South Haven, MI

  • Parkview Acres - Retail Center & RV Park

  • Route 25 Business Park, LLC, Aurora, IL (1996-1999)

  • Bryn Mawr Court Industrial Park, Rosemont, IL (1993-1997)

  • Downtown Redevelopment Action Plan, City of Des Plaines, IL (1992-1993)

  • Illinois Courts; Court Ordered Mandatory Arbitration Center (1988-1989)

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