Senior Living Development & Management

Our Vision

Inspire commitment and excellence in all we do. This allows us to lead with innovative, state of the art facilities and attract passionate talent.

Senior Living Development and Management Presentation

Inspiring and Enriching Lives

  • We put people first. We try to respect all who we serve, and let them know that they matter.
  • We act with integrity and caring. We establish an environment of trust and motivate, inspire, and challenge each other.
  • We mind the business. We build upon a solid base, carefully manage assets, and translate bottom-line results into even better resident care. We invest in our people and buildings to foster growth and ensure long-term success.
  • We listen. We seek information out and listen to others—openly, carefully and respectfully.
  • We work to be our best. We strive to be our best, every day, in every situation.
5 star

What sets us apart?

Our focus and commitment is to staff and residents, our first priority; thus maintaining a low staff turnover and high occupancy rate.

  • Chef prepared, upscale restaurant style service
  • 5 star service; guest & health service training
  • Relationship development with staff, residents & family
  • Concierge services & 24 hour security
  • Higher paid staff; attracts best from local labor
  • Extensive staff training using best algorithm practices
  • Technology which promotes wellness (help ‘nip problems in the bud’)
  • High staff/resident ratio

Our goal: state of the art senior living communities that promote wellness,

  • Dedicated chefs with expertise in specialized diets (vegetarian, gluten-free, others)
  • Serving from ‘scratch’ daily; organic food with ‘Farm to Table’ produce, when possible
  • Wellness Centers with pool, therapy rooms and fitness equipment
  • Resort style Luxury indoor spaces and common areas. Landscaped outdoor courtyards
  • Pet friendly with Pet parks (where possible)
  • Culinary Arts Center and Private family dining opportunities
  • Social activities, community and individual
  • Chapel & Meditation area
  • Salon and Day Spa (full service)
  • Movie theater & music room
  • Concierge services
  • Handicap Bus/Transport with Shuttle Service
  • Security – a place to feel safe 24/7