How We Do It

Projects vary yet the basic formula for a successful project includes:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative Thinking
  • Market Study and Research
  • Financial Feasibility
  • Site Acquisition and Land Control
  • Development Team Assembly
  • Planning & Implementation
  • Various Permitting & Government Approval Process
  • Financing
  • Design & Construction Process
  • Project Marketing
  • Property & Asset Management
  • Operations & Exit Strategy

We recognize each project’s needs and that each project is unique. We analyze and/or prepare each project’s business plan, budget, and marketing research while incorporating the goals and development issues. This allows us to create a checklist of detailed objectives that encompasses all aspects of a project from conception to feasibility, budgeting to site analysis and zoning, government approvals/permitting and planning to financing, engineering, legal, construction and finally marketing and operations.

We have a team assembled that coordinates each member’s expertise. We help assure all development issues are properly addressed from the initial project, to implementation and exit strategies. Our team provides creative and viable solutions to any challenges and issues that arise.

Development checklist details/ examples:

  • Hardscape and indigenous, low maintenance plantings
  • Engineer drainage calculations
  • Environmental studies/remediation
  • Financing and commitment letter
  • Grand Opening event scheduling
  • Initial budgets and cost variables
  • Insurance/Bonding
  • Key construction materials list
  • Perform a long term tax analysis
  • Perform hydrology and soil testing
  • Review marketing issues and costs
  • Review draws and obtain lien waivers
  • Security system
  • Website details & blog
  • Zoning code review